You Are Loved

by Caretaker

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You Are Loved is the first release by Richmond, VA band Caretaker.
Cassette distributed through Driftwood Records.


released August 6, 2013

Matt Gumm - vocals
James Henderson - guitar
Ashley Small - bass
Andy Bunch - drums

Produced by Blake Melton and Caretaker.
Engineered and mixed by Blake Melton.
Mastered by James Hoffer.

You Are Loved was recorded, mixed and mastered between July 14th through August 3rd, 2013 in Richmond, VA. Thanks to Blake Melton and you.



all rights reserved


Caretaker Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA noise. Ex-Postcards and Fixtures.

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Track Name: Maligned (Cry Wolf)
Left you behind and turned a blind eye to your hapless lies.
Dear, you are the instrument of your own destruction.
Now the wolf you’ve cried for is tracking you down.
I hope it finds you.
I hope it tears you apart.
Track Name: Hopeless & Somber
No words express what time cannot erase.
Wake everyday - crippled again, bound by the grief.
Next to the casket, holding your hand.
We left you abandoned, we left you for dead.
Loss that consumes, hollowing out my heart, hollowing out my hope.
So much left unfinished, so much left unsaid.
We left you abandoned, we left you for dead.
I would give anything to hear your voice or feel your embrace again.
Track Name: Deserter
After your vows were broken, came home as your caretaker.
I was supposed to save you but your clarity never came.
I tried so many times and so many ways to save you.
The longer I stayed the clearer your intentions came.
Giving up and letting go without a reason why.
I sat and watched scared to watch you die.
I sat and watched as it poisoned you against life, as it poisoned you against love.
As it stained your words, I buckled, you broke.
We were cowards.
Track Name: Unwritten Letters
Where were you as I cried out?
How could you take what wasn’t yours to take?
As my hope breathed it's last breaths – where was your light?
Where were your answers?
Where were you when I was all alone?
How could you ignore?
How could you turn away?
How long must I wait marred in disbelief until you answer for taking what wasn’t yours to take?
With all the famine, all the disease, how long until you make me believe?
Track Name: Mass Migration
Hands held in the dark.
A touch that doesn’t soothe.
Silence sings psalms to the great emptiness inside our hearts.
Turn away your face, once wreathed in light.
Now wears a smoky veil.
Your name a vapor trail, just a fading shadow begging to be forgotten.
Guilt has corrupted these hearts now exhausted, so grim and cold.
We are dying – forsaken in each others eyes.
This is our bittersweet climax.